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20. addicted to getting inked but too poor to support the [habit.] Hot Topic store 63; retail renegade all the way baby. she's your typical musician/vocalist/struggling artist type thing who has no time to rekindle a lost passion. She also save lives as a first responder yet can hardly keep her own in order. retired crusader in the name of love (that shit is for no good pussys anyhow ;) ).LOVES dirty jersey and proud that she came from this disgusting muck. a photowhore but pictures of the front of her face are totally lame. She IS a blonde under all of this chemical processing but is addicting to dying her hair every color of red imaginable. An egotistical little fuck who loves a good ego bashing now and again. Only lives for her friends, family and herself. Hates the interweb yet the little free time she has is spent on it.
Strengths: easy going and extremely open minded. loyal and actually gives a damn (a rarity).friendly and will talk to anyone within reason. Can easily hold her own
Weaknesses: very trusting, can become blinded by things too good to be true. overly cautious at times. quick to jump to conclusions, short fuse
Special Skills: guitar, trombone, vocalist, life saving certifications, strong sense of justice, honesty
Weapons: a piercing stare, a mean right hook, massive amounts of kicking power (especially if equipped with steel toe boots), and an unforgiving heart to those who offend.

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